Equatorial Sphere Ornamental Sundial

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  • Equatorial Sphere Ornamental Sundial

Equatorial Sphere Ornamental Sundial

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  • A magnificent feature that will add a unique focal point in a large garden or even a simple courtyard. Equatorial sundials were used in ancient times to tell the general time of day such as morning, afternoon and evening.  This unique Garden Sculpture is made from rustic aged metal and stands over 2 metres tall. Whether you want to create a  Contemporary space or a more traditional vibe this piece will not disappoint. 

    Material Metal, 

    Overall height 206cm, 

    Base 97cm, 

    Sphere 174cm across, 


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    • Constructed from metal sheets for ultimate weather resistance and durability
    • Designed to age gracefully with its rustic charm and appeal
    • Suitable as a unique and vintage decorative element to accentuate the beauty of your garden

    Item Number MA3856RV2

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