Bird Cages Set 4 Rust

  • Bird Cages Set 4 Rust

Bird Cages Set 4 Rust


Bird Cage Rust set of 4 / Candle holder set of 4

This beautiful set of birdcages are a must for any outdoor entertaining space,  hang under a tree or of course indoor.  Load these beautiful cages up with your imagination, a plant, candles, seasonal decorations, floral displays, bud lights, use them for wedding decorations or gift envelopes.  The set of 4 gives you 4 times the opportunity to create a stylish, elegant and fun entertaining opportunity for any occasion.

Material Metal

Extra Large:  33x33x60cm

Large:  28x28x50cm

Medium:  24x24x41cm

Small:  18x18x31cm

Delivery Australia Wide

Item Number J3180729R