Free Delivery Australia Wide

We are still open at The Complete Garden. 

You are important to us, this is a time to stay positive, support each other and find solace in our environment.
Our families and our homes are going to become even more important to us during this time. It is time to focus on positive ideas and energies. Do those things we've put off because we didn't have the time, gather around and talk to each other and actually listen to the stories, make wish lists for the future, and make our environments somewhere we feel happy and relaxed in.

As we head into a different era, let's look at this as a time to make our homes as special as they can be, a comfortable refuge from the uncertainty beyond them.
We have extended our Free Freight across this time to ensure that you can still get those pieces you desire to make the space you are confined too as beautiful and inspired as it can be. We will be open and continue to work through to answer any questions you may have and to help put a smile in your heart. 
Now is the time to make your home, HOME. Enjoy living in it, and share it with those closest to you.

We thank you for your support & together we will survive these turbulent times.

Wishing You All A Safe & Healthy Future
The Team at The Complete Garden