To decorate your home takes style and grace, let your personality shine through with quirky little touches, elegant artwork, and magnificent furniture. The choices at The Complete Garden are sure to impress you. Be inspired at one of our many stores or look further online for a spectacular selection of our products.

A Painting Imagine 2 Framed  60X60cm
A Painting Isalnds 100X100cm
A Painting Lava Bouquet 1 Framed 60X60cm
A Painting Lava Bouquet 2 Framed  60X60cm
A Painting Modern Forest  70X140cm
A Painting Morning  90X120cm
A Painting Petri  70X150cm
A Painting Rock Pools 75X100cm
A Painting Seasons 90x120cm
A Painting Towers  60x180cm
A Painting Tropicana 90x120cm
A Painting Twilight  75X100cm