To decorate your home takes style and grace, let your personality shine through with quirky little touches, elegant artwork, and magnificent furniture. The choices at The Complete Garden are sure to impress you. Be inspired at one of our many stores or look further online for a spectacular selection of our products.

Fire Bowl   80X80X48cm high
Fire Bowl  80X80X48cm High
Fire Bowl Weave Look Base  80X80X48cm High
Heart Hanging Plant / Candle Holder  41X13X46-105cm
Heart Hanging Plant / Candle Holder Large  63x37x71-159cm
Statue Angel Boy Kneeling 32X24X44cm
Statue Angel Holding Heart  35X23X61cm
Statue Angel Wheelbarrow Planter 43X25X52cm
Statue Angel With Flowerpot 30X23X61cm
Statue Bird Flowerpot 49X27X31cm
Statue Boot Planter 39X20X21cm
Statue Boy Birdfeeder  29X27X68cm