The Colours of Autumn

The wondrous dazzling colours of Autumn are almost here. From deep amber to golden yellows to fiery reds.

This time can be truly magical, as the air becomes crisp, the days shorten and leaves on trees turn.

There is so much information on the net regarding how and why this happens, and in a couple of words, I find this process scientifically awe-inspiring.

I live in southern Victoria so a drive to Bright and Mansfield is always on my to do list this time of year, however, Orange in NSW  has a spectacular display along with Bowral NSW, Cradle Mountain Tasmania and Golden Valley Tree park in WA  to name a few.

But don’t be disillusioned, yes tree after tree of autumn colouring is breathtaking, however, just one Autumn tree or just one Autumn plant is just as breathtaking. For example, Hydrangea quercifolia, some Viburnums, species roses with their red jewel-like rose hips dripping off the end of the branches,  the stems of cornus stolonifera and the list goes on.

With the rains around the corner, and the garden slowing down, yep this time of year we think about earth tonings. And to compliment these we have a range of beautiful indoor and outdoor products to style your space and bring  Autumn to you, no matter where you are in Australia. 

Or some beautiful rusty bird cages, hanging under your tree with battery candles in to light up the night sky. And for your beautiful Autumn tree, a tree surround 


Now your in the Autumn mood, sit back get your groove on and put on an Autumn play list with, Autumn leaves – Eva Cassidy,  Autumn song - Van Morrison, Autumn in New York, Louis Armstrong, or some Autumn Forest Celtic music by Adrian Von Ziegler...... go on, lets all feel a little Autumn.



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