One, Two, Three and Dive into the New Year

Dive into the New Year

One, Two, Three and dive into the New Year with gusto.  Or if you are like me I see myself on a 10 metre diving board looking down, into 2019. As I shake my hands, and I try and relax the nerves, like a true Olympian  composing myself, toes hanging off the edge. I look straight ahead and go for it.

Time to Plan

It’s usually a great time to plan, and set up spaces, with longer hours, and summer weather, we can finally untangle those pinterest and instagram ideas we have been pinning and collecting and begin.

Quick Fix Options

With some quick fix options to get you started, you can start transforming quickly.  Oh and don’t forget we still have our free freight gift to you.

Try our Bench Seat (AVABB) to transform  that back pocket of the garden that has a special feel, and can now become your quiet space for reflection. Hmm a path that goes nowhere needs a focal point a beautiful statue, our lady birdfeeder could be just the one  (SS0704). Spruce up your vegie patch and add an entrance arch  (JF161143C), arch with gate  (LF817309) or transform your undercover area with one of our amazing beautiful granite settings. And with the free delivery option this really is an advantage to you!?

Its a great time to dive, or splash around at least with some quick fix options to transform your space.

Don’t forget to grab a free freight option! 

Chat soon

Eve xxx



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