Gift ideas for your loved ones on this special day

Here is a quick quiz for you, and the clues are:-

Geoffrey Chaucer......One and Four.....Rome....Was there two or more?....Late 3rd century.....Time to smell the ‘Red’ roses.....hearts and lastly St. Valentine.

Yep, we are talking about the up and coming Valentine's day. A quick google search for Valentine's day brings up ..... about 245,000,000 results in .64 seconds


Are you the type that plunges face first into a vase of beautiful roses, traditionally red to drink in the delicious scent of Valentines day, that sends your olfaction glands in super overdrive. Or are you the type that passes through the build-up and the day as though nothing is happening, for reasons of your own. And we all have those.

Personally, I’m a plunge face first sort, as I love plants (Horticulturalists rock! haha) and always swoon over the beauty and complexity of flowers. Plus a romantic at heart.

As a young girl, my dad would always sneak in special heart-shaped chocolate into my lunch (sandwich in a brown paper bag!) on Valentine's day. I would carefully, slowly open it and with delight. At home, no lavish gifts were exchanged between my parents however a quick waltz around the kitchen with the obligatory ending dip, followed by laughing and giggling that would light up the whole family. This day seemed so magically special, and still does.

The heart shape didn’t come into play until the 14th Century! And has long been associated with emotion, pleasure and romance. By the 15th century, a tapestry ‘Le don du Coeur (The Gift of the Heart) shows a man holding a small red heart as a gift. Some say this was the beginning of the heart being truly represented as an image of love.

So wherever you are and whatever you think of the day, from us happy Valentines day.

And now I present you with some heart gift ideas for your loved ones or yourself on this special day.



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