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Welcome to our blog, journal and musings. I’ll be writing this on behalf of our team of people who love gardens and outdoor spaces, from The Complete Garden.

I find outdoor spaces become more important the closer we zoom into this Christmas / holiday season for a number of reasons. And not because the weather is more outdoorsy! Ok that helps, however, we all need time to bring our balance back, the roads seem to be a little crazier, people seem more agitated, the days fly by as the countdown begins. Phewee. Even my crazy hair seems to zing out of the constraints and I end up looking like a wild woman! So let's do it, let's take a moment.

This time of year can be many things, joyful, magical, loving, manic, overwhelming, difficult, unbearable and the list goes on. However whatever this time of year means to you, please take time to balance yourself. Grab that 15 minutes that seems to elude even the most organised of us and sit in your outdoor space, take a moment and sort your thoughts. Its the only space I can relax in and clear my head, even my teeth seem to relax!

Make a List

Have you made your list/s? I’m a list person, I feel so grown up saying this, however, I found lists are my saviour. So I often sit, listening to the birds, soaking in the green and straw colours of this beautiful country, I even take my shoes off! and I make my list/s.

Get a To-Do List - Trying Working Backwards

My to-do list begins in the future and I work backwards, sounds crazy! Yep, it is, but somehow it works for me. I list all of the wants and needs for Christmas / holiday season, I then visualise the day and I go backwards. The food for the day, then I write an ingredient list, my next list contains the day I prepare. The games, yep I love charades etc. I’m actually not that organised and my lists seem to be organic with a life of their own and grow like the garden, but with gritted teeth, I try to hold fast, like the reins on that perky red sleigh.

The Gift of Giving at The Complete Garden

However, the Gift of Giving which is our motto here at The Complete Garden is what really excites me, and this is what makes this time of year fun for me, the giving part.

My gift giving list different, my ears are like a Fennec Fox this time of year, huge! I listen to comments that have been made by family and friends for the past month or so and I spend time working out the perfect give. Mind you I don’t always get it right! But I try!

I honestly love giving, a pot of homemade jam can bring joy to a friend that hasn’t made any for years, I’ve given many friends 3 piece settings, (our May, Mia, Mondo and Bella) and bench seats (Promo W and AVABB). These friends are the ones that just don’t sit and slow down! So with these settings, I always place a note with the card and give them my speech about taking moments and bringing back the balance. And yes I still have those same friends! My friends that love their gardens have received a pot of homegrown succulents, a beautiful statue that resonates with them such as our girl holding her skirt (16WL0453), a hanging bell to sway in the wind under a tree or pergola.

Gift Ideas this Christmas

To add to this, I walked around the office, and I poked a piece of paper and pen in front of my fellow colleagues and asked for their top 10 suggestions we can offer you at this rushed time. In no particular order, these ones came out the winners.

Oh, there were lots more, but I thought 10 was a nice round number.

  1. Paris swing chair (CYPARISN), 
  2. Rattan Lantern (available in 3 designs), N66899 
  3. Metal Emu (JF170483)
  4. Bird House Metal (JF180478) 
  5. Set of four bird cages (J3180729C)
  6. Macrame extra large rope hanger (N67132) 
  7. Resting Angel Statue (15WL0079) 
  8. Angel Bell (LQ15195)
  9. Heart hanging plant, candle holder (KS01051) 
  10. Candelabra Black (14CF4322)

Also, we are offering free delivery until the end of January 2019 as a gift giving to you.

So breathe and take a moment, thanks for sticking with me to the end, and please comment with more suggestions to bring back the balance.



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