Whether it is for a large formal outdoor area, a small patio, a verandah or a rambling garden the range of outdoor furniture at The Complete Garden is sure to impress you. With choices from modern and simplistic to the more romantic and ornate, reproduction or contemporary,  you are bound to find the right piece of outdoor furniture for your area. Whether you are looking for a magnificent granite outdoor setting, a garden bench, a 3 piece patio setting or simply an adirondack chair for around the pool, the range you will see at The Complete Garden stores will be beyond your expectations. Visit a store or continue online to see a spectacular selection of outdoor furniture designed to meet your needs.

Patio Setting May 3pce Aqua
Patio Setting May 3pce Black
Patio Setting May 3pce Lime
Patio Setting May 3pce Orange
Patio Setting Mia 3 piece Grey
Patio Setting, 3pce, Ava, Antique Taupe  60cm table
Patio Setting, Ava, 3pce, Antique White   60cm table
Patio Setting, Bar Setting, Bella, 3 pce Setting, 60cm marble Bar Table, Plus 2 Bar Chairs.
Patio Setting, Bella 3 pce Setting, 60cm Marble Table, 2 chairs with Arms.
Patio Setting, Bella, 5 pc setting, 80cm round marble table, Plus 4 Chairs
Patio Setting, Bella, 5pce Rectangle 100x60cm Marble Table, Plus 4 Chairs
Table  Base - Rectangle - Suits  1.8M top