Why Buy a Gazebo for Your Garden?

A Gazebo is a great,  quick way to add that ‘WOW’ factor.  We have three gazebos that can quickly add this in a matter of 30 minutes or so,  the time it takes you to construct your purchase.

Garden Arch Gazebo is available in Rust or Cream, this gazebo is breathtakingly beautiful! This is on our biggest seller listing, because of just that, it is breathtaking. For that instant garden room, entertaining area, relaxing area, outdoor living, or for your wedding! There are so many ways to incorporate this one into your space. But hang on!  Can we now talk about decorating it! Yes, you can leave it plain with a beautiful vine, or rose creeping through the columns and roof, which is simply stunning. Now you can add some solar bud lights to swag from one side to another, which changes and add more hours of magic. A small chandelier or a collection of bird cages with battery-powered candles looks spectacular. Hedge the sides of this one (Gardenia!) or large pots on the side making this a walk in, walk through and walk out, or use as an enclosed magical space.

Get the WOW  Factor, Get a Gazebo.

On hot days bring out the rugs and pillows and simply relax and look up, set up your dining table for a permanent outdoor area, for a spectacular night gathering, lace some billowing curtains on the sides for effect.  Or for your wedding one word – flowers. Gosh, all of these are simply breathtaking ideas to create a special room.

But hang on, if space is a concern, we have 2 solutions to create an equal breathtaking solution.

Our gazebo with bench seats in antique green is a beautiful piece to sit and relax in, with built-in seats.  And yes, more bud lights, more vines and perhaps a pathway leading to this one, will add to the WOW factor. I love this one because its a classic design, it fits in most spaces with the rectangular shape a garden corner is one of the perfect spots.

Round Gazebo in my words.. the botanical gazebo. This one strongly reminds me of the Victorian Era, of plant collecting, botanical gardens and decadence. I LOVE IT! This one can be used as a walkthrough, or place a  3 piece set inside for a relaxing moment. The dome top gives it a voluminous feel, yet its 2m x 2m sizing is perfect for small spaces and corners. Again a bundle of bud lights hanging from the middle contributes to an absolutely stunning WOW factor gazebo.

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